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Training & Presentations


A partial list of recent presentations and trainings:

Flinton, C.A. & Koetting, M.G. (2009), Assessing Paraphilias.  California Coalition on Sexual Offending, Torrence, CA.

Flinton, C.A., Scholz, R. (October, 2008). Engaging Men in Mandated Sexual Offender Treatment: Linking Masculinity Research to Sexual Offender Treatment. Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers, Atlanta, Georgia

Flinton, C.A. (Annually). Identifying Paraphilic Disorders in Non-Criminal Justice Settings. Invited presentation to the Stanford School of Medicine, Palo Alto.

Flinton, C.A. & Koetting, M.G. (April, 2008). The Static-99. Invited presentation to defense attorneys at the San Francisco County Public Defender's Office, San Francisco.

Flinton, C.A. (May, 2007). Critical Issues and Considerations for the Courts and Judges in Sex Offender Management. A two-day training for San Francisco County Superior Court judges, San Francisco.

Koetting, M.G. & Smithstein, S. (May, 2007). Outpatient Treatment of Rapists: An Exploratory Investigation and Some Clinical Recommendations. Workshop presented at the California Coalition on Sexual Offending Tenth Annual Training Conference, San Diego.

Flinton, C.A., Koetting, M.G., & Smithstein, S. (May, 2006). Sex Offender Assessment and Treatment. Presentation to United States Probation, Northern California Region, at the Hotel Nikko, San Francisco.

Flinton, C.A. (October, 2006). Legal and Clinical Issues in the Assessment and Treatment of Sexual Offenders. Presentation to the entire judicial body of the 9th Federal Circuit Court of Appeals, Sonoma.

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