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Consultation and Evaluation

General Forensic Issues

  • Violence Risk
  • Suitability for Probation or Parole
  • Factors in Mitigation
  • Treatment Amenability & Needs
  • Civil Commitment
  • Malingering of Mental Illness
  • Suicide/Flight Risk
  • Juvenile Assessment
  • Juvenile Fitness/Waiver to Adult Court
  • Immigration (Risk, Trauma, Mental Illness, etc)

Sexual Offender Risk Assessment

  • Actuarial Instruments (E.G., Static-99R, Static-2002R, VRAG-R, SORAG)
  • Dynamic Risk Factors (SRA:FV, Stable-2007)
  • Protective Factors (Factors That May Lower Risk)
  • The Hare Psychopathy Checklist, Revised, 2nd Edition (PCL-R)
  • Structured Clinical Interview using empirically based items
  • Treatment Completion/ Certificate of Rehabilitation Evaluation (PC 1203.4)

Sexual Offenses & Paraphilic Disorders

  • Sexually Violent Predator Evaluation
  • Child Molestation (PC 288.1) & Pedophilic Disorder
  • Child Pornography
  • Rape & Paraphilic Coercive Disorder
  • Indecent Exposure & Exhibitionism
  • Unlawful Peeping & Voyeurism
  • Sexual Homicide & Sexual Sadism
  • Sexual Battery & Frotteurism
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Unusual Offenses, Other Paraphilic Disorders
  • Hypersexuality/Compulsive Sexual Behavior

Assessment of Sexual Arousal or Interest

  • Penile Plethysmograph (PPG)
  • Abel Assessment for Sexual Interest (AASI-3)
  • Sexual History Clinical Polygraph
  • Multiphasic Sex Inventory (MSI-II)
  • Other Measures

Capital Cases

  • Factors in Mitigation
  • Social History Preparation
  • Risk Of Violence in Prison
  • Pretrial, Penalty, & Appellate Phase

Our Staff

Dr. Charles Flinton

Dr. Charles Flinton is a forensic psychologist and the founder of San Francisco Forensic Institute. In the last 30 years, he has conducted thousands of evaluations related to sexual and violent crimes. He is actively involved in treatment, evaluation, prevention, and research related to human sexuality and problematic sexual behavior. He is also a sought out presenter at local, national, and international conferences.

Jerel Armstrong

Dr. Jerel Armstrong is a licensed psychologist. He has worked with the San Francisco Forensic Institute since 2016. He has provided treatment and evaluation in inpatient, outpatient, and forensic settings. His work with the San Francisco Forensic Institute has included treatment and evaluation of general sexual interests and problematic sexual behaviors with adult and juvenile populations.

Lori Ho-Cheng

Dr. Lorinda “Lori” Ho-Cheng is a clinician at San Francisco Forensic Institute. Her experiences include treatment and evaluation in intensive outpatient and community metal health settings with various populations. In therapy, she uses a combination of Cognitive-behavioral and Mindfulness-based approaches, with a focus on improving the quality of interpersonal relationships. What she enjoys most in her work is being a part of her clients’ process of creating the lives they want for themselves.

Mavis Ring

Dr. Mavis Ring is a licensed psychologist trained in providing treatment for sex offenses, sex addiction, and betrayal trauma. She provides individual, couples, and group therapy for problematic sexual behavior. She provides assessments for issues related to compulsive sex and offender evaluations. She is a CASOMB (California Sex Offender Management Board) sex offender treatment provider and a CSAT (certified sex addiction treatment) Candidate. She believes strongly in providing support for individuals and couples impacted by problematic sexual behavior who often feel isolated from others in facing these problems. She has additional experience addressing substance use and interpersonal/relational deficits.