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Engaging Resistance: Creating Partnerships for Change in Sexual Offender Treatment


Engaging Resistance explores the manner in which offenders resist change and how this resistance both mirrors and is facilitated by treatment providers, the criminal justice/child welfare systems, and society. The book suggests that resistance at each of these levels creates obstacles to effective partnerships and sustainable interventions.

The authors believe that any meaningful change in reducing the vast number of sexual offenses will require a multisystem approach that increases client motivation and public awareness, and facilitates changes that hold the offender, society, and the criminal justice/child welfare systems accountable for reducing sexual offending.

Specific examples are provided of how systems can make changes and collaborate in decision-making regarding risk assessment, guidelines for supervision, protocols for family reunification, and plans for offender re-entry.

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Authors: Charles A. Flinton, Ph.D., and Robert Scholz, MA, NCC