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The San Francisco Forensic Institute (SFFI) provides state-of-the-art psychological evaluation, consultation, and expert testimony in criminal and civil cases. Additionally, SFFI offers empirically informed psychotherapy to individuals in the legal system. SFFI is a Certified Sex Offender Treatment Program according to the standards set by the California Sex Offender Management Board (CASOMB).

Charles Flinton, PhD founded SFFI in 2008 as a common ground for his individual and forensic practices. In 2009, Cynthia Rinker joined SFFI, further broadening the collective experience of the institute in working with people involved in the criminal and civil justice systems.

SFFI is unique in its pragmatic application of the most current scientific and professional literature to violence risk assessment, psychiatric diagnosis, psychological and psychosexual testing, treatment amenability, and other psycholegal issues.

We offer expert opinions that are informed by science, consistent with current practice standards, clearly articulated, and individually tailored to the specific questions posed by our clients.

San Francisco Forensic Institute provides services to defense attorneys, prosecutors, state and federal courts, probation departments, and other government agencies, as well as individuals in the community.


El Instituto Forense de San Francisco (SFFI) proveé evaluación psicológica avanzada, consulta y testimonios de expertos en casos penales y civiles. Además, SFFI ofrece psicoterapia respaldada por estudios de psicología a las personas en el sistema jurídico. SFFI es un programa certificado de tratamiento para delincuentes sexuales según las normas establecidas por el Consejo Directivo de Gestión para Delincuentes Sexuales en California (CASOMB).

El Dr. Charles Flinton fundó SFFI en 2008 como un terreno común para sus prácticas individuales y forenses.  En 2009, Cynthia Rinker se unió a SFFI, ampliando aún más la experiencia colectiva del Instituto en el trabajo con personas involucradas en los sistemas de justicia penal y civil.

SFFI es único en su aplicación pragmática de la literatura científica y profesional más actual para la evaluación del riesgo de violencia, diagnóstico psiquiátrico, medidas psicológicas y psicosexuales , receptividad de tratamiento y otras cuestiones psycholegales.

Ofrecemos opinión experta que es respaldada por la ciencia, coherente con los estándares de práctica actual, claramente articulada y adaptada individualmente a las preguntas específicas de nuestros clientes.

El Instituto Forense de San Francisco ofrece servicios para abogados, fiscales, cortes del estado y federal, departamentos de probación y otras agencias gubernamentales, así como individuos en la comunidad.

Para servicios  en Español por favor comuníquese  con la Oscar Baide, ASW al número (415) 391-7171 x 12

Dr. Charles Flinton

Dr. Charles Flinton is a forensic psychologist and the founder of San Francisco Forensic Institute. In the last 30 years, he has conducted thousands of evaluations related to sexual crimes. He is actively involved in treatment, evaluation, prevention, and research related to human sexuality and problematic sexual behavior. He is also a sought out presenter at local, national, and international conferences.

Charles Flinton

"Things do not change, we change."

Henry David Thoreau

“If there is no struggle, there is no progress.”

Frederick Douglass

“Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.”


Cindy Rinker

Cynthia Rinker

Cynthia “Cindy” Rinker is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Administrative Director at the San Francisco Forensic Institute. For 25 years, she has worked with various mental health populations. Cindy’s focus for the past 12 years has been assessment and treatment of sexual offenders, individuals with problematic sexual behaviors, and their partners.